2019 Advent Calendar – December 11: Mount Erebus, Ross lsland, Antarctica

We have mainly shown hot places, such as deserts or tropical islands like Wallis Island yesterday. But for December 11th, we leave for the frozen continent: Antarctica.

The satellite image presented today shows Mount Erebus in the Ross Sea on the island of the same name. This volcano, with a summit elevation of 3,794 meter, is the southernmost in the world. It is remarkable because it has been active for the past 35 years which is pretty unusual and has a long-lasting lava lake in the caldeira at the summit. It is one of the very few lava lakes on Earth to exist continuously for decades. You won’t be able to see an red or orange spot at the top because there is a thin earth crust over the lava.

Here’s the additional information that will make you look like an expert at social gatherings, there are only three volcanoes with permanent lava lakes, the other two are Erta Ale in Ethiopia and Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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