2019 Advent Calendar – December 18: Senegal River, Mauritania and Senegal

Let’s travel down to Senegal on December 18, and discover the Senegal River at the border between Senegal and Mauritania.

This satellite image is visually stunning. In the middle of the image, the river unfolds like a blue ribbon surrounded by green areas. A desert area extends southward. At north, there are several branches from the main river with some darker coloured lakes. Along the river, on the north and south banks, there is a beautiful geometrical spectacle of fertile green fields.

Did you know? The Senegal River overflows 15 to 20 km during flood periods, allowing the area to be completely fertilized. This satellite view shows a totally green and irrigated land between two desert regions.

Marie-Pierre, Sales and Marketing Manager of PlanetObserver, loves that image. She finds the shapes designed by Nature and Man absolutely amazing. She is enchanted by the blue and green colors along the river, which create a surprising contrast with the desert regions stretching north and south.

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