2019 Advent Calendar – December 21: Coachella Valley, California, USA

We have decided to take you to the United States on December 21. Immediate takeoff for the Coachella Valley, a desert valley in Southern California, famous for its Music and Arts Festival.

Due to the subtropical desert climate, the valley benefits from all year-round warm temperatures, with the warmest winters in the western United States. There is a large population of wintertime residents, known as snowbirds. This very mild climate attracts many tourists, hence the impressive number of golf courses as seen in this satellite image. Roughly 125 golf courses cover the area, making it one of the world’s premier golf destinations!

At north lies the city of Palm Desert. The area was first known as the Old MacDonald Ranch, but the name changed to Palm Village in the 1920s when date palms were planted.

The San Andreas Fault traverses the Valley’s east side. Because of this fault, the Valley has many hot springs and major earthquakes have already affected the area.

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