2019 Advent Calendar – December 8: Tibesti Mountains, Chad

Let’s go back to the Sahara to visit the Tibesti Mountains in the extreme north of Chad, with a small extension into southern Libya. It is one of the immense mountain ranges that make up the vast Sahara desert, like the Hoggar Mountains which are further north towards Algeria.

The central third of the Tibesti is of volcanic origin and consists of five shield volcanoes topped by large craters. One of them, the Toussidé volcano, on the western side, is considered to be the only active Tibesti volcano. With an elevation of 3265 meters, Toussidé is the source of a number of lava flows which have which have flowed westward.

Victor, our student apprentice, finds this satellite image absolutely magnificent. In this African mountain range, he even manages to distinguish the features of a woman looking a bit like a witch with long white hair !

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