2019 Advent Calendar – December 23: Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

For December 23, we’ve decided to take you once again to the United States to discover the impressive Grand Cayon in Arizona. Carved by the Colorado River on the plateau of the same name, this colorful, steep-sided gorge is the most spectacular in the world.

The Grand Cayon National Park, created in 1919, was recognized in 1979 by UNESCO as World Heritage Site, being one of the earth’s greatest on-going geological spectacle and most visually powerful landscape.

This year, the Grand Canyon National Park celebrates its 100th anniversary. Let’s share with you some fun facts:

  • The weather can change greatly in the heart of the Grand Canyon – While it can be hot in the north, the temperature can drop very quickly at the other end. The reason? Altitude varies greatly within the site itself, which can create significant weather fluctuations.
  • Mail is delivered by mules – There is only one village with 200 inhabitants within the Grand Canyon which is 10 km from the nearest road. The only means of transport is by helicopter or mule.
  • Many fossils have been found there but no dinosaurs fossils – The lack of fossils of these prehistoric monsters is due to the fact that the canyon rocks are much older than the oldest known dinosaurs.

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